Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 24.

Powwwww! I guess I'm feeling a little angry today?

Little Pig has been misbehaving quite a lot. She is constantly brawling with Juice, the yellow lab. Especially early in the morning. Actually, I wanted to ask any of you pug do you stop spiteful behavior? Pig has been spitefully going to the bathroom in the house and this morning she peed all over my bed....

She was doing this when I moved apartments last time and it was always spiteful. Now she is at it again. Any help?!?


  1. kennel, kennel, kennel

  2. hahah, classic. Don't lock her up because she's a fiesty pig, she's just trying to show her dominance. ;~)

  3. Love the pictures of PIG each day - you are very creative!

    I'm sure someone has already suggested this, but have you had PIG checked for a UTI?

  4. Has your attention to her lessened than what she is used to? If not I agree with the other suggestion...use a crate until trusted out of it again...good luck

  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I had called the Vet about a UTI but she hasn't been struggling to go to the bathroom or squatting a million times to go. She literally only does it when I leave, or if all of us leave at the same time, etc. I would think that if she had a UTI she probably wouldn't pee exactly where I sleep, instead on the floor, etc. My roommate took his yellow lab to his girlfriend's house the other night and Pig peed outside his room, almost like she was trying to punish him. Crazy!

  6. Oops! I didn't see that someone had already suggested a UTI. I would still get her checked just in case. But it really sounds like there is some connection to this other dog. This is my first experience with a female pug (I've only had males in the past) and there is a definite personality difference. There has to be some "dog issue" reason for her behavior. She appears to be "marking" her territory in some way. Don't "belong" to her. That may be why she is claiming your bed. Good luck!