Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 5.

Had the day off today. I'm sick so pig and I are sleeping all day. Lots of Nyquil.

Pig's new Trick : Opacity mask -- is what makes the stars fade.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 4.

No-no Notorious. P-I-G.

This pic of "Piggie Smalls" is for Dylan (human). He's been asking me to do something like this for awhile so here ya go Dyl!

Pig is a little Gangsta. Uh...and if you don't know, now you know.

Pig's new trick :

Editing colors - recoloring artwork tool. Allows you to change all the colors without selecting them one by one by choosing to "link colors". Also allows them to be different gradients of color. Once again, PIG was drawn in pencil and then scanned in.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 3.

Ninja piiiiig.

When Pig isn't home sleeping on her giant dog bed (aka my bed) or gnawing delicious bones, she's protecting the dangerous streets of new york city. At first, I had no idea this was her side job. AND THEN I found her nunchucks in my sock drawer. Silly Pig, who knew you had so many talents?

Pig's new trick :

I actually drew Ninja Pig by hand first and then scanned it in to Illustrator. The comic book feel was created by using "Live Trace" in AI. I then did the same with a photo of NYC and threw in some smoke clouds. If you're ever working with a detailed photo that needs to be recolored - Live Trace is a life saver.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 2.

Pig, why the long face?

Pig saw her reflection in the disco ball and is a little upset that she put on a few pounds over Christmas break. How will she ever fit into her NYE dress?

Pig's new trick:

Disco Ball. Creating a Object Mosaic in AI.

Done again in Illustrator. The disco ball was created by using an object mosaic (I didn't make each of those tiny squares, AI does it for you!).

Day 1. (Actually for December 27th but I didn't get to post it until today)

Since it's Christmas time, only a Christmas Pig would be appropriate.

I thought Pig would be quite fond of the winter season but after this past weekend's snowfall, I'm beginning to think otherwise. Perhaps it was the fact that the amount of snow received towered over her or maybe it was just too cold -- either way, she didn't seem to like the snow. Maybe she needed her snuggie.

Pig's new trick :


This was drawn in Illustrator freehand. I wanted it to have a 2nd-grader sketch appeal. Pig's reflection in the ice is a new trick!

One little pig. 365 days.

Well, if you thought my facebook mobile "puploading" was annoying, you're really going to love this blog (sarcasm).

After watching the movie Julie & Julia, I was thinking how I wish I had the discipline to blog every day. That same day, I checked out one of my favorite design sites and it just so happened the featured article was "Design Something Every Day!" ( So I thought -- perfect. That's just what I'll do.

Now as most of you know, I'm obsessed with my wrinkly-faced gremlin of a pug, Dylan (aka pig) and had to incorporate her into this somehow.

So I decided...

For a year, I'm going to draw/design/paint/whatever a picture of Pig. With each picture I design, I will try to use something new that I learn in Illustrator or Photoshop. This way I'm also sharpening my skills as a designer!

And so here you have it -- 365 days of pig.