Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 3.

Ninja piiiiig.

When Pig isn't home sleeping on her giant dog bed (aka my bed) or gnawing delicious bones, she's protecting the dangerous streets of new york city. At first, I had no idea this was her side job. AND THEN I found her nunchucks in my sock drawer. Silly Pig, who knew you had so many talents?

Pig's new trick :

I actually drew Ninja Pig by hand first and then scanned it in to Illustrator. The comic book feel was created by using "Live Trace" in AI. I then did the same with a photo of NYC and threw in some smoke clouds. If you're ever working with a detailed photo that needs to be recolored - Live Trace is a life saver.


  1. Love ninja pig's true-to-life cinnamon bun tail!

  2. No pig without a cinnamon bun tail!